Frequently Asked Questions

I am the coordinator at my school – and would like to learn more. What should I do?  If you are a School Representative please contact our School Program Director, Tricia Sullivan at 484.582.6999 or e-mail.

I am coordinator of the yearbook at my school – who do I contact to get the images?  We know your Yearbook is very cool and important to the students! Please click here, to get in touch with us.

My child is darling and cute already, but are there any tips to have them looking great on picture day?  The best thing you can do is make sure your child has a restful night’s sleep & breakfast.  Try to avoid loud colors or graphics.  And we find that it is best to avoid putting them in a new outfit they have never worn before. A nice neutral color makes for a timeless photo.  For extra ideas – see our Pinterest page.

It’s wonderful that our school is using Little Nest!  Since I live close to your studio can I come pick up my photos?  As much as we would love to see you and chat – our school portrait division is not located in our studio locations.  We know you want a sneak-peek, but sadly you’ll have to wait.  On the other hand, if after searching the black-hole of your child’s back pack you still cannot find the picture day photos – please  let us know.  Click Here – to fill out our contact form and our little birds will call you back.

I can’t believe it! A school photo that we actually love and swoon over! Can I order more?  Of course you can! But don’t delay. We would be sad for you to miss out.  After the school portraits are complete, you can order additional prints by logging on to with your personalized access code and password.  This option will be available for up to 2 weeks after you received your photos from school.   Please note that discounted packages are only available for purchase before the school portraits take place, and afterwards you may buy loose prints and accessory items a la carte.

Oh, No! What is my Access Code?  You will receive a  flyer in your photo envelope that will explain where to find your code.
If you do not have your envelope/access code or did not pre-order, please email us to get your codes. Please wait the 3 weeks following your child’s picture day to request an access code.

I can’t wait to see the pictures this year! When can I expect them?  Photos arrive in approximately 3 weeks.  They will come home in your child’s backpack. So keep a close eye out!

My child missed the first picture day. What do I need to do to make sure they get photographed?  No problem at all, we understand the need for a little R&R with Mom.   Check with your child’s teacher to find if an absent/re-take day has been scheduled.

I missed the deadline for returning my pre-order envelope back to the school. What are my options? Please place your order online up to 3pm on the same day as picture day. It’s easy-peasy.  After 3pm on picture day, you may still order single prints online.  This feature is available after pictures have been delivered to school.

Can I make suggestions on the way I want my child photographed?  Your children are all beautiful on the outside and most importantly on the inside.  Apple Branch photographers aim to please.  We have a great time with the kids which, equals natural expressions and great smiles for your child.  If you have something that you think we should know about your child or you have a special request such as “please don’t touch his hair” or “make sure her glasses are straight” – that needs to be written down and handed to the photographer by your child before their photo is taken.  We do request that you do not threaten your child with the following “Smile, or else!” – this only results in the fake, corny smile that you will loathe for a lifetime!

Why do they always take my child’s picture right after gym class, when he is all gross and sweaty?  Here is why. On picture day, your school administrators and faculty are working their tails off to stay organized and make sure that every student gets in front of our camera. It’s hard and exhausting work.  If you think the gym student looks disheveled, you should see the school secretary!  Everyone is doing his or her best, if you think that it would help to send in a clean shirt to change into – go for it!  All advance planning helps.

Glasses? On or Off?  That is up to you and your child.  We have found that most children who wear glasses have grown comfortable with them on – and would rather leave them on.  Because we are planning to have an outside photo session, there will be some glare.  However, please know that we work to minimize that as much as possible.  If your child wears tinted lens, those are best left off during the outside sessions since they turn into sunglasses.

I’m having a bad day and want a refund.  What is your refund policy?  All of us at Apple Branch hope that this will never be the case.  However, if you are really unhappy let us know.  We can’t refund your money but we can work with you if the issue is print quality.  Contact us and we’ll talk.

I’m used to paying a little less for our school photo.  Can you tell me why your rates are a little more?  No problem!  We never want to make excuses for our rates.  Apple Branch is changing the world of the school photo.  No more super-posed terrible photos.  You know the ones; they are the same ones that your parents still have of you!  You will see an amazing difference in your child’s photo this year.  Trust us, it’s worth the extra pennies.  That said, we do take very seriously the real tough economic times of our day.  Should you need help with purchasing your school photo package?  Let us help.  Either contact Apple Branch or your school administrator.  We do not want you missing out on your child’s photo this year.

I loved the school picture of my child and want my entire family included?  Great! Thanks for the compliments.  We have two studio locations – one in Glen Mills, Pa and the other in Wayne, PA.  Please visit our parent company – Little Nest Portraits for more information on how to capture the love of your family in artwork that you’ll treasure forever!

User-Error? Whatever the reason, I am having problems on the website.  Who should I tell?  With a brand new website, we know there are bound to be a few bugs  — please let us know by sending an email .  PS. Thanks for catching the snags.

Is there any additional small print that I should know about?  Of course there is.  We have to let you know that we are very respectful of your privacy and ultra-ultra respectful of your child’s privacy.  Any information that we obtain from your school is only used by us in our photography process.  Apple Branch never-ever shares your information with anyone. Period.  Should you decide to pay online, your information is temporarily saved for payment purposes, but not shared or stored.

I’ve read all these questions and still have a few more. No problem! There are no iron walls at Apple Branch.  Feel free to send an email to or call 484.582.6999.  We’ll try to help in anyway we can!

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